The Polar Ambassador Program

Polar Ambassadors are Quark Expeditions travelers who have been inspired by their voyage to become actively involved in the conservation and protection of the Arctic and Antarctica. When Polar Ambassadors return home, they educate others every time they share pictures and stories about their adventures.

You needn’t have traveled to the Arctic or Antarctic to be a Polar Ambassador. Anyone who understands that the polar regions are a bellwether for the health of the planet, and who takes action to protect their unique biological and geological attributes is a Polar Ambassador.

We encourage you to share with others the information and suggestions you find on these pages. Do not hesitate to send us your ideas and comments. It is only the cumulative effect of individual effort that will ensure the protection and conservation of the Arctic and Antarctic for future generations.

The changes in the polar regions that you read about in the daily news are caused by choices made in regions thousands of miles from the Arctic or Antarctica. Positive change must begin in our home communities. Here are 10 simple things that you can do now that will make a difference:

  • Donate to organizations that lobby for the preservation and conservation of the polar regions.
  • Reduce your personal environmental impact.
  • Advocate for environmentally friendly practices.
  • Educate your friends and family.
  • Inform political representatives.
  • Volunteer for a local chapter of an organization that works to protect the environment.
  • Support companies with “green” programs.
  • Question reports that deny the existence of global warming.
  • Fund raise in support of your favorite advocacy group.
  • Share this web site.