Three Distinct Ways to Travel

Antarctica is the largest protected wilderness in the world, with so much to see that we provide three distinct ways to experience the continent. Our Icebreaker Adventures offer itineraries that take you to regions inaccessible to traditional expedition vessels, with aerial sightseeing by onboard helicopters. If you are an active traveler, then choose our Active Adventures with landings and a variety of optional adventures: camping, cross-country skiing, kayaking, overnight kayaking, and mountaineering. If you are a traveler who appreciates a leisurely experience then our Expedition Ships: Adventures in Comfort are the perfect choice.

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Icebreaker: Ultimate Antarctica

Emperor Penguins: Snow Hill Island Safari

The only voyage in the world that can take you to an Emperor Penguin rookery while the chicks are very young!
Rate range: $9,995 to $19,900

Emperor Penguins: Snow Hill Island Safari >

Far Side: Semi-Circumnavigation

38 days of exploration along the least-visited coastline of Antarctica, plus South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. This is our Antarctic International Polar Year celebration!
Rate range: $33,500 to $65,280

Far Side: Semi-Circumnavigation >

Epic Antarctica: Semi-Circumnavigation

31 days of exploration along the seldom-visited Phantom Coast to the Ross Sea, with a possible landing on Peter I Island, and an exploration of the Bay of Whales!
Rate range: $19,900 to $36,900

Epic Antarctica: Semi-Circumnavigation >

Great Antarctic Explorers

26 days of exploration in the company of Adrian Raeside, author, cartoonist and explorer’s grandson. Adrian is writing a book about his grandfather, Sir Charles Wright, who was a member of Scott’s last expedition to Antarctica. En route to the historic hut, where his grandfather lived with Scott, Adrian will be reading from his ancestor’s journal and showing photos not seen in nearly a century!
Rate range: $18,500 to $35,500

Great Antarctic Explorers >

Active Adventures

Antarctic Adventure: Actively Exploring the Peninsula

Small group travel with an average of 3 shore landings or Zodiac excursions a day in the Peninsula. Choose from optional: camping, kayaking, cross-country skiing and mountaineering.
Rate range: $9,995 to $12,500

Antarctic Adventure >

Crossing the Circle: Southern Expedition

The goal of this 15-day expedition is to cross 63° 33′ 39″S, where the sun shines for 24-hours. Optional camping and kayaking are available.
Rate range: $7,500 to $13,400

Crossing the Circle >

Antarctic Quest via the Falklands (Malvinas) and South Georgia

A 20-day expedition with landings on remote islands known for unique wildlife, plus an active exploration of the Peninsula. Optional camping and kayaking available.
Rate range: $7,900 to $19,600

Antarctic Quest >

Kayaking in Antarctica with Tim Thomas

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Expedition Ships: Adventures in Comfort

Classic Antarctica: Discovering the Peninsula

A softer adventure with a relaxed pace, yet all the thrills – wildlife, research stations, icebergs and more.
Rate range: $3,400 to $11,800

Classic Antarctica >

Explorers’ Route via the Falklands (Malvinas) and South Georgia

An in-depth education program and an average of 2 landings or Zodiac sightseeing sailings per day while exploring. The balance keeps you busy, while providing plenty of time for relaxing in the lounge with new-found friends during this 20-day expedition.
Rate range: $7,200 to $23,500

Explorers’ Route >